20 Questions with Pastor Mike (Episode 35)

0:00 – Introduction
1. 1:13 {Adam Buried Beneath where Jesus Crucified?} I heard on a program by the National Geographic that there’s a belief out there that Adam was buried beneath where Jesus was crucified. They say when Jesus died, His blood flowed down into the ground and through some cracks inside a tomb where Adam was buried, and Adam was resurrected from that. I am trying to find out where this belief even started, why it was started, and if there is any Biblical or Historical evidence to suggest that this ever happened. Have you ever heard of this, and do you know of any resources on this subject that might help me?
2. 6:04 {About Bribery in the book of Proverbs} Can you please help me and my friend understand Proverbs 21: 14 about bribery? We read the references below the verse but still find it hard to understand.
3. 10:15 {Should I Attend a Calvinist Church?} The church that I currently attend is in search of a new pastor, and the one that will be voted in is a Calvinist. I don’t agree with Calvinism and question if I can submit to his authority/teaching. What do I do? Stay? Go? I don’t want to be divisive but want to stand on God’s truth in love.
4. 14:09 {Faith vs. Works Contradiction?} I’m confused on two verses, Romans 4:3 and James 2: 21. I don’t believe the Bible has any contradictions, can you please clear up my confusion on this?
5. 22:51 {Is God Faithful when We’re Faithless?} Is 2 Timothy 2: 13 saying God is faithful to us, or to Himself? I hear people thanking God that when we are faithless, He is faithful to us, but it seems to read the opposite.
6. 25:26 {About God’s Will in our Lives} How do I know if I am living in the will of God for my life? Do wrong choices mean we have messed up Gods plan and we’re now living plan B?
7. 29:32 {About the Age of Accountability} Does Numbers 14: 29 give us any biblical reason to believe the age of accountability to be 20? In Numbers 14: 18-19 Moses pleads with God, and God pardons the sins of the children 19 and younger.
8. 34:40 {About the Wedding Feast/Garments} The man who was at the wedding feast without a wedding garment in Matthew 22: 11, is he like what would called a nominal Christian?
9. 41:48 {About Cohabitation Before Marriage} What Scripture shows that 2 heterosexual Christians who love each other and intend to marry can’t cohabitate if they are celibate?
10. 46:18 {How to Honor an Abusive Parent} My father was physically and mentally abusive when I was a child. Can I stop talking to him and still be honoring him?
11. 49:19 {About Assisted Suicide/Euthanasia} What are your thoughts about assisted suicide and euthanasia?
12. 52:55 {Is the Holy Spirit Jesus’ Father?} Might be a dumb question but if the Holy Spirit came upon Mary so that Jesus could be born, wouldn’t that make the Holy Spirit Jesus’ father?
13. 54:59 {About “Pascal’s Wager”} What is Pascal’s Wager, and do you believe that it has been refuted?
14. 59:10 {About Revelation – New Names/White Stones} What is the “new name” in Revelation 2: 17? Is it the individual’s new name that receives the white stone, or is it Jesus’ new name?
15. 1:01:28 {Should Pro-Life = Immigration Support?} Do you think that being pro-life means that I should also support immigration/refugee resettlement due to the pro-life belief that children should be taken care of regardless of circumstances?
16. 1:04:40 {Can a False Teacher Cast Out Demons?} What is the deeper meaning of Matthew 12:22-28? I’m a little confused. Can a false teacher cast out demons? If so, wouldn’t that be a kingdom that is divided against itself?
17. 1:09:20 {Defense of the Trinity} Hi Mike! I fully believe in the Trinity due to ALL of Scripture. But 1 Corinthians 8:6 is a bit problematic and seems Unitarian. What do you make of it?
18. 1:13:20 {Should our Shortcomings Discourage our Callings?} I believe I am called to be a pastor, but I have sin & inconsistencies in my life. Do you think this could mean I’m not called, or do I just need to work on these things before being used in that area?
19. 1:14:24 {About our Prayers and Troubling Thoughts} When does God hear my prayers? I am asking you this because my thoughts are barely controllable nowadays, and those thoughts are causing me to pray very weird things and think about things I don’t want to think about.
20. 1:19:09 {Infinite Universes?} Is the theory of an infinite amount of universes biblical or unbiblical?

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