20 Questions with Pastor Mike (Episode 36)

0:00 – Introduction
1. 0:10 {Regrets about Not Sharing the Gospel} My father recently died, and I don’t think he was a true Christian. I’ve been a Christian for 7 months and I didn’t share the Gospel with him. Would things have gone differently if I did?
2. 7:03 {Witnessing to Mormon Family Members} I’m a Christian who is married to a non-practicing Mormon who still bases his beliefs on LDS doctrine. I think I want to go into apologetics (largely inspired by you), but I don’t think my husband will approve. I also feel called to evangelize my Mormon in-laws, but I struggle to get past their feelings-based testimony and their beliefs about who Jesus is and salvation. Any advice on my apologetic aspirations in my specific circumstances, and on the best way to surmount these LDS hurdles?
3. 12:45 {How do we Meditate on Scripture?} I was wondering: how do you remember Scripture? I will read in the morning, and by the time night/the next day comes, I forget what I read. I know we’re to meditate on it, but how do we do this?
4. 15:26 {How to Pray for our Leaders} I find it very difficult to pray for the current administration. I know they need it desperately. How do I overcome this struggle?
5. 19:06 {Is “Deliverance” for Today?} Is deliverance for today? Should we be praying for each other to be set free from demonic bondage in our lives, along with seeking medical assistance and counseling where needed?
6. 25:51 {About Pastor/Elder Qualifications} How literally should we follow the “qualifications” for pastors/elders in 1 Timothy and Titus?
7. 31:10 {Can a Christian Marry a Non-Christian?} Is it OK for a Christian to marry a non-Christian like a Buddhist, atheist, or Muslim? And what if they already have children? How would you counsel the Christian?
8. 35:07 {About Married Couples in Heaven} Does Luke 20: 27-36 teach that people who are married on Earth won’t be married anymore in Heaven? I feel sad that my husband and I might not be together still in Heaven.
9. 39:20 {About the Lord’s Supper during Covid} In my church, holy communion is postponed because of the measures surrounding Covid. Drinking from one cup is not possible. To justify this, they use Joshua 5:1-8. Is this biblical reasoning?
10. 45:06 {Will God Understand if I Hide my Faith?} I’m an ex-Muslim who became a Christian in 2020 and I have secretly been Christian but I still have to do Muslim practices. Will God understand that I have to keep it a secret?
11. 50:49 {Can we Truly Feel God’s Presence?} Todd Friel (Wretched Radio) said “The Bible doesn’t teach that we can feel God’s presence” and the “warm fuzzies” are only an emotional response when our minds receive biblical truth. Is this true?
12. 57:28 {Can we Compare Jesus & the Tree of Life?} What’s your view on the comparison between Jesus and the Tree of Life? It came to me in a dream, and I googled it and found that it was exclusively an Orthodox belief.
13. 59:50 {What did Paul Do before his Missionary Work?} 11 years went by from the time Paul was saved ‘til his first missionary journey – I always thought it was only a few months. What did Paul do during those 11 years other than fasting and praying?
14. 1:00:34 {Are a Person’s Days Determined?} Job 14:5 says a person’s days are determined, yet in Isaiah 38, God extends Hezekiah’s life. It almost seems that with enough prayer & faith, we can persuade God to change His mind. Thoughts?
15. 1:04:32 {Will we receive Glorified Bodies AND Minds?} We know that we will eventually gain glorified bodies, but what about glorified minds? Will someone who suffers from a mental disorder (like Down’s Syndrome) be “healed”?
16. 1:07:00 {Encouragement when we feel Empty} I struggle with emotional emptiness, abandonment issues, & having low self-worth. This makes my walk hard because my cup is always empty. God won’t answer my prayers. Any advice?
17. 1:11:36 {About Giving Everything for the Lord} Can you better explain Luke 14: 33 where Jesus tells the crowd, “So then, none of you can be My disciple who does not give up all his own possessions”?
18. 1:15:29 {In Defense of Sola Scriptura} What is your understanding of 2 Thessalonians 2: 15, as many Orthodox Christians point to this as evidence of the legitimacy of traditions that are not explicitly written in Scripture?
19. 1:20:33 How is Isaiah 52-53 evidence for the Bible if most of the stuff in there is theology, and not testable historically?
20. 1:25:02 What does your personal time with God look like, Mike? How do you differentiate it from your study time?

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