20 Questions with Pastor Mike (Episode 37)

Question Time Stamps for Quick Reference:
0:00 – Introduction
1. 0:11 {About the “5-Fold Ministry”} Have you heard of the “5-Fold Ministry” way of thinking about apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors, and teachers exercising those gifts today? And if so, what are your thoughts about it?
2. 12:40 {When does Competition become Unbiblical?} The Bible stresses the importance of unity within the body of Christ. When does competition among believers (even seemingly friendly competition – games, sports, etc.) become unhealthy?
3. 16:21 {What is “Fundamental Christianity”?} Can you define “Fundamental Christianity” for me? Recently I’ve been seeing it referred to as a negative thing. Is it?
4. 20:48 {Why do Animals Die or Become Extinct?} If “the wages of sin is death,” why do animals die? (My question also involves the extinction of the dinosaurs – why would God create them to be exterminated?)
5. 26:51 {Using the Morality Argument} If using the morality argument, how would you respond to an unbeliever that uses the objection that morality is subjective and there is no real objective right or wrong?
6. 32:30 {About Feeling Angry toward God} When someone is angry at God, are they able to bring that to God, or do they wait until they are not angry and then go to God? Do we have to be 100% before talking with God, as to not disrespect Him?
7. 38:55 {About John 15 – Bearing Fruit} What do you think of the view that states that in John 15, Jesus actually said in Greek that those who don’t bear fruit are lifted up instead of cut off? Is this us practicing bad Greek?
8. 42:45 {About Gratitude in the Midst of Hardship} When I was an atheist, I got depressed and actually planned to end my life to escape all its struggles. I now know God exists, but I can’t be grateful for being created. How do I repent from that?
9. 47:23 {Should Prayer be a Dialogue or Monologue?} About prayer, I’ve heard many people say that praying to God should be more of a dialogue than a monologue. Isn’t the Lord’s Prayer spoken by Jesus a monologue? How should we pray then?
10. 50:19 {About Leaving a Church} Is it necessary to ask your church to remove your name from its records if you are leaving due to false teaching/beliefs? I wonder if that’s what God means when He says “come out of her.”
11. 53:24 {About 1 Kings 13} In 1 Kings 13, what are we supposed to learn from this passage? It seems as though the prophet lied to the man of God, tricking him so that he wouldn’t stay the course. Why lead him into this trap?
12. 1:02:44 {About the 1st Resurrection – Revelation} Will all believers partake of the first resurrection, or only those who have been beheaded in the name of Christ? Revelation 20:4
13. 1:04:59 {About Matthew 27 – Holy People Raised} Can you please explain Matthew 27: 51-53? Hoping to get some clarity about the holy people raised to life. Where did they go? Did they die again?
14. 1:09:19 {About “Divine Simplicity”} Do you believe in divine simplicity? If so, how do you reconcile it with the Trinity?
15. 1:11:40 {Did the Covid Mandates Involve a Spiritual Battle?} A lot of believers seemed to believe the Church was being persecuted by being required to wear masks, meet in smaller groups, etc. Was a spiritual battle being waged in the Covid mandates?
16. 1:13:51 {About being Used by God in our Lives} I see others being used by God, and I want to be used too. Because of this, I often struggle with envy, jealousy, & comparison. How would you encourage & help me grow past this sin?
17. 1:18:27 {About the Death of our Pets} My cat died this week. Where did he go?
18. 1:22:03 {How Should we Study Other Religions?} Do you have any recommendations for studying other religions and how to approach others with the intention to evangelize? I am particularly interested in Islam.
19. 1:25:00 {Comparing Bible Verses – The Ark} How can you explain Isaiah 66: 22-23 to be understood, alongside Revelation 11: 19 (the 10 words are in the ark currently), if Colossians 2: 16 speaks of the weekly Sabbath being abolished?
20. 1:29:00 {Wrestling with Doubts} I’ve studied the evidence for Christianity & it’s amazing. But I struggle with doubts of “what if I’m wrong?” Does this affect my salvation? Will God help me?

Here’s my study on “Dealing With Doubt” from Psalm 73 https://youtu.be/NqRYPAIsDQs

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