20 Questions with Pastor Mike (Episode 38)

Question Time Stamps for Quick Reference:
0:00 – Introduction
1. 0:43 {Why does John and Other Passages Not Mention Repentance?} If repentance is required to be saved, why is it not mentioned in the Gospel of John and other evangelical texts like Acts 16: 31 and Romans 10? Can repentance be somewhat synonymous with belief?
2. 10:41 {About Orthodox Beliefs} What do Orthodox Christians believe vs. Protestants? Is their doctrine as problematic as Catholic doctrine? (I heard Hank Hanegraaf converted to it.)
3. 15:43 {About the Greek in Bible Translations} Pastors often say, “what the Greek REALLY says is…” Why don’t translators use the Greek that pastors cite in sermons then? (Like how Peter is akin to pebble but is translated as rock.)
4. 19:41 {Explanation of Ezekiel 14 – Prophets} In Ezekiel 14:9 it says if a prophet is deceived, it’s the Lord who deceived him. Could you offer some explanation to this verse, as it seems out of character for God?
5. 25:38 {About Saving Faith in the OT} Romans 4 tells us that Abraham was saved because of his faith. He believed in God. How can we say that just because he was saved that way, everyone else in the OT was saved that way? Also, if they were saved that way, why did they have to sacrifice lambs? And if people were always saved by just believing in God, why was it necessary for Christ to come?
6. 31:15 {Fruit of the Spirit – Longsuffering} Could you please explain what longsuffering means, in regard to the fruit of the Spirit?
7. 32:40 {Is All of Scripture Inspired?} When Paul says, “I say, not the Lord but I…” in 1 Corinthians 7: 12, does that mean that portion of Scripture was not inspired?
8. 36:12 {Assurance of God’s Love & Salvation} Does God really love me, and am I really saved? I believe that Jesus is the Son of God, but I am still sinful and I struggle with sin. However, it seems that God answers my prayers. Am I really saved?
9. 39:47 {Has Mankind always only had One Spirit?} What are your views that God only created one spirit and gave it to Adam which was then passed through generations? This explains how God doesn’t create an impure spirit at birth, or generational curse.
10. 42:44 {About Witnessing and Exemplifying Christ} My husband isn’t open to hearing me speak truth, so I have stopped correcting him. Is this a sin?? If he dies, he will go to hell.
11. 45:00 {Promises vs. Prophecies} Is there a difference between a promise and a prophecy? Are all God’s promises prophecies? Am I responsible if a prophecy told about me doesn’t come to pass? A church leader told me these things.
12. 47:54 {How to Be Kind when it’s Difficult} What specific actions can one who has no empathy do to be kind? (Thinking 1 Corinthians 13 “kind.”)
13. 50:27 {Help with Marital Conflict} I feel led by God to homeschool my teens. My husband disagrees. He doesn’t want them to be sheltered. I want to submit, but I’m conflicted. Thoughts?
14. 53:13 {“Free Grace” Theology, Faith, & Works} Free grace theology says that “save” in James 2: 14 means from physical death or harm. All uses of the word “save” in James 2: 14 are in the context of physical harm, so why is this different for you in 2: 14?
15. 57:31 {When is Kissing Sinful?} Is all kinds of romantic kissing outside of marriage a sin? Could a Christian actor/actress do a kissing scene?
16. 1:00:28 {Do Jew. & Gent. Christians Worship Together?} I’m an ethnically Jewish Christian and have seen that some believe that Jewish & Gentile Christians worship together, but with different lifestyle callings. This has been stressful. Input?
17. 1:03:25 {Did God Promote Adultery in Genesis?} In Genesis 38:7-10, Someone was commanded to lay with his brother’s wife and impregnate her. He didn’t impregnate her, and the Lord struck him down. Is God promoting adultery?
18. 1:07:35 {How to Tell if Repentance is Genuine} How can we know if we have genuinely repented from our sins?
19. 1:09:45 {How to Respond to Disrespect} How do you respond to a brother or sister that disrespects you?
20. 1:11:41 {About “Friends by Unrighteous Wealth” in Luke} What does Jesus mean when He says to make friends for yourselves by means of unrighteous wealth in Luke 16:9?

Here’s my study on why repentance is part of the gospel message. https://youtu.be/U_Iz1UYqCfA

Here’s the video on how Jews and Gentiles are counseled on obeying the law in the book of Acts. https://youtu.be/mI5wiDTHpgE

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