20 Questions with Pastor Mike (Episode 42)

0:00 – Introduction
1. 0:19 {Church Leader Living in Sin? Letter vs. Spirit} I am a young adult, still living in my parents’ home. My father is the pastor of our small church. One of my siblings has leadership roles, but is living in sin (cohabitation). My father has talked with him, but hasn’t taken any biblical action to remove him from leadership or from church. The elders don’t see a need to do anything either. What should I do? (I’m the youngest and a daughter.) I was told I was taking the letter of the law instead of the spirit of the law.
2. 10:33 {About John the Baptist being Jesus’ Cousin} Is it a big deal that John the Baptist was Jesus’ cousin? I haven’t heard this talked about much; wouldn’t that mean that they knew each other when they were kids/before their ministries?
3. 16:30 {About the Early Church & Socialism} Should Christians be living like the early Church in a sort of voluntary Socialism as found in Acts 2: 42-47 and Acts 4: 32-37?
4. 27:03 {MW’s Personal Experience Witnessing} Could you share your most memorable experience in leading someone to the Lord?
5. 30:08 {About Recent “Deconstruction” Stories} I find myself sympathizing with some who have deconstructed and walked away from the faith (though I don’t agree with their decision). How can I keep from deconstructing myself?
6. 41:08 {Is Yahweh Only the Father’s Name?} Some people I know say Yahweh is the name of the whole Trinity combined. I thought Yahweh was only the name of the Father (like how Jesus is the name of the Son). What are your thoughts?
7. 47:13 {About Artaxerxes in Ezra} Are there two Artaxerxes in Ezra, or could it be that there is an interlude in Ezra 4:5-23? Artaxerxes stopped the building, but later seems to endorse it.
8. 48:10 {Are the Church and Israel the Same?} Are the church and Israel the same or different? Is the church the continuation of Israel and heirs of the promises of God to OT Israel?
9. 50:53 {Can Christians Attend JW Weddings?} Is it ok to attend a wedding of a Jehovah’s Witness? My colleague is a JW and she is getting married in 3 weeks. I was wondering if it’s ok for me to attend because of the belief system.
10. 52:35 {How to Have Godly Sorrow Over Sin} How do you have a godly sorrow over sin (2 Corinthians 7: 10)? When I sin, I repent, feel really bad, and ask for forgiveness, but eventually fall for the same sin again. Do you just pray for God to give godly sorrow?
11. 59:44 {About Approving of/Watching Inappropriate Shows} How do you respond to another Christian who thinks that watching movies or shows with nudity/sexual content is a liberty they have in Christ because they do not struggle with lust?
12. 1:06:35 {Interpreting a Difficult Verse} I’ve read two different views on 1 John 3: 20. 1: If our heart condemns us, how much more will God since He is greater than our heart? 2: Even though we feel guilty, God knows our heart. Thoughts?
13. 1:11:04 {What does Ecumenical Mean?} I’d rather not identify myself with any particular denomination. What does it mean to be an ecumenical Christian?
14. 1:13:46 {Some Great Wisdom for Us} What’s the greatest lesson of wisdom you’ve learned as you’ve matured in your faith?
15. 1:16:06 {About Believer/Non-Believer Relationships} What should a new Christian do if he or she has been in a relationship for 7+ years with a non-Christian (not married), and the non-Christian doesn’t slow down the spiritual growth of the Christian?
16. 1:19:36 {Is it Fair that Some People are Born in Unbelieving Areas?} How is it just that because a person is born in a specific region in the world, that they are more likely to follow the traditions and religion they are raised in and end up going to hell?
17. 1:24:17 {Is the Fire Mentioned in 2 Peter Literal?} In 2 Peter 3: 10 it says that on the “Day of the Lord” God will destroy the world and “its elements” with fire. Is this a literal or figurative fire, and why?
18. 1:27:06 {Did Jesus’ Family Believe?} Did Jesus’ family not believe in Him as Messiah?
19. 1:32:02 {About “Rhema” (Sword of the Spirit)} Can you explain the Greek word Rhema in Ephesians 6 when it talks about the “sword of the Spirit is the Word of God?” Is it Scripture, or like a word of wisdom, knowledge, or prophecy?
20. 1:35:34 {Who was the 4th Person in the Furnace in Daniel 3?} Referring to Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego in Daniel, who was the fourth person in the furnace? Is this OT evidence of Christ?

Here’s that video on Christophanies (times when Jesus actually shows up) in the Old Testament https://youtu.be/1CDOSbzd6Uk

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