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A Christian Apologist Responds to Rhett Mclaughlin's "Spiritual Deconstruction"

Good Mythical Morning has been a part of our family time for years. Most fans know that evangelical Christianity, including ministry efforts, was part of the origin story for the two hosts Rhett & Link. Recently, Rhett discussed his “spiritual deconstruction,” and revealed that he now considers himself to be a “hopeful agnostic.” This is my genuine, and hopefully sensitive, response.

Original Video:
William Lane Craig’s defenders class:

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Books recommended from the show:
Jesus and the Eyewitnesses –
Jesus Outside The New Testament: are there Differences in the Gospels:
The Language of God:

Further recommendations:
God’s Undertaker:
The Lost World of Genesis One:
Is God a Moral Monster:
The Resurrection of the Son of God:
The Resurrection of Jesus: a new Historiographical approach:

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