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A Critique of Kenneth Copeland's "Supernatural Heatwave" Video

Come along on a journey with me… a journey through one of Kenneth Copeland’s “sermons.” I laughed. I cried. I cringed. I jest, but I’ve been wanting to talk about Kenneth Copeland for a while, and I decided this video was a good starting point to fairly critique his teachings.

A lot of people don’t actually believe that Kenneth Copeland teaches the things he does. Some think it was something he said once in the 80s that he can’t possibly still teach. This is my attempt to give some thoughts on why his teachings are more theatrical than biblical, and why he should be avoided. Let’s be sure to pray for him.

I purposely didn’t edit out a lot of the talk and the long pauses in between his sentences, simply for context and making the point of showing his speaking style.

This was my first time doing a sort of screen share video and did have audio issues that hopefully don’t come through too much.

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