Jeff Kran

Making much of Messiah through teaching, winsomely defending, and proclaiming trust in Him.

the gospel through Jewish eyes

The program is a Gospel message I delivered years ago, sharing from a Jewish and deeply personal perspective. Enjoy this message shared from the heart. source

Why is Jesus the greater Moses: So Nu what about messiah

A look at Deuteronomy 18:15-20 as Messianic prophecy and the issues surrounding it. source

How to miss the spirit and intent of Torah? (Matthew through Jewish eyes)

This program will continue our studies in the gospel of Matthew. In chapter 23 while Jesus is pronouncing God’s prophetic displeasure with the Pharisees he discusses oaths and greater and lesser commandments in the Torah. Please join us for this special broadcast source

How Tovia continues to abuse Isaiah 27:Christianity and the Trinity are not Rome or Roman

In this latter part of Tovia Singer’s YouTube video on Isaiah 27 he makes the claim that Christianity and the Trinity are Roman. Therefore Isaiah 27:9 refers to Christianity. We’re gonna look at this claim and see how Tovia Singer’s argument clearly abuses this verse source

How does Jesus prophetically warn the Pharisees of coming disaster; Doom on you

Jesus’s woes are prophetic lament by which he warns the Pharisees how their practices will result in the fall of Jerusalem. source

Is Singer a Jewish jihadist

This program examines the claim by Tovia singer that Isaiah 27:9 indicates that the Jewish people will be saved through the violent overthrow of Christianity worldwide source

Phylacteries, titles, and woes?

This program will continue in Matthew chapter 23 looking at what Jesus meant by them making their phylacteries broad and also look at the woes that Jesus pronounces against the Pharisees source

How does Tovia gets Matthew 23 all wrong

this broadcast will have a special guest Geoffrey Robinson of a goy for Jesus source

What was the Problem with Pharisees?

We begin looking at Matthew twenty-three. This is where Jesus evaluates the Pharisees and instructs the people related to their teaching and conduct. source

So, Nu what about Messiah, a look at messianic prophecy

This program is a share of the study I am doing on messianic prophecy from the hillside Sunday school. Since I can’t stream from zoom directly to this channel I thought I would give people a peek at what I’m teaching for the Sunday school, as well as the material that I’m using for outreach […]

Who is your King-the real meaning of the Law

This program looks at the spirit of Torah and the fact that Jesus claims total authority after giving the real meaning of the Torah. source