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What will happen?

This program looks at Jesus’s lament over Jerusalem and begins looking at the Olivet discourse in terms of what Jesus wanted the disciples to know about the … source

It's not criminal, but natural, grammatical, and contextual

This program looks at a complaint by Jewish polemicists that Paul is misusing the Hebrew word for seed which can be taken collectively or’s singularly in Galatians 3:16. This program represents part 1 source

Is God concerned about Mediation?

This program ends the series dealing with mediation and intercession by looking at other instances of mediation between God and man in the Jewish Scriptures, and God’s acting as his own mediator source

Does the Doctrine of Mediation lead to idolatry part 2

This picks up looking at the idea of mediation in terms of intercessors within Jewish thought and the Scriptures special thanks to the YouTube channel Helga which has some snippets of the Lord of the rings. You can find this snippet at https://youtu.be/1eNkwaWvUzg special deal from Logos Bible software https://partners.faithlife.com/click.track?CID=438160&AFID=464053 source

Messiah in the Passover special

A special Messiah in the Passover presentation source

Does The Doctrine of Mediation Lead to idolatry? Part one

A Jewish objection based on the argument that the doctrine of mediation, Jesus is payment for sin and acting as our mediator leads to idolatry source

what is Parasha teaching like?

A little taste of Parasha teaching from the section on Korah’s rebellion. source

What is the difference between ceremonial and genuine purity?

This program continues “Matthew through Jewish Eyes”. We look at the issue of uncleanness and Jesus telling the Pharisees to look at the inside of the cup and plate and their hypocrisy in not doing so, source

Deus absconditus and the Book of Esther

This program touches on the issue of “the Hiddenness of God” and the book of Esther source