Wesley Huff (BA. MTS. PhD - student) was born in Multan, Pakistan and spent a portion of his childhood in the Middle East. Wesley has participated in numerous talks and interfaith dialogue events at universities across Canada and has been participating in public dialogues on issues of interfaith dialogue (particularly between Christianity and Islam), belief, and religion for the last seven years. His formal area of academic study pertains to text critical studies and the early transmission of the New Testament text. He enjoys canoeing, archery, and cats (although not all three at the same time). Wes lives in Toronto, Canada, with his wife Melissa and their son Eli.

The use and abuse of comparing the biblical manuscripts to the rest of the ancient world

On a recent podcast interview I was asked “When we compare and contrast the gospels to other ancient documents what do we see?” Here’s how I answered … source

Dig & Delve Conference – Wes Huff and the Reliability of the Bible

This talk was given at the virtual conference of Dig & Delve on Feb. 5th 2021. For more on Dig&Delve go to https://www.diganddelve.ca. source

What REALLY Happened at The Council of Nicaea (interview with Melissa Dougherty)

Back in November I had the privilege to appear on Melissa Dougherty’s YouTube where she interviewed me on the council of Nicaea. Melissa’s channel: … source

What is God's name?

Modern English translations render God’s name as LORD (all caps and in lowercase font). Is this some sort of attempt to supress the Divine Name? What exactly … source

Slavery Sermon (Exodus 21)

Preached by Wes, at West Toronto Baptist Church, as part of their Biblical Justice sermon series. See all the sermons in this series by going to … source

Who was choosing the books in your Bible!

This interview was done for the Ultimate Questions Podcast with Jonathan Topping. Original Audio is at https://www.jontopping.com/post/episode-19-other-books-of-the-bible-with-wesley-huff. source

Uncovering Identity (Identity and the Christian Worldview)

This talk was originally given on Zoom to the Embassy Humber, a campus church ministry located at Humber College, Toronto. Find out more about the Embassy: embassyhumber.com/home source

Mistakes in the Bible?

This interview was done for the Ultimate Questions Podcast with Jonathan Topping. Original Audio is at … source

What about the crusades and inquisition?

When doing an online event recently with the young adults of The Peoples Church, I was asked about atrocities done in the name of Christ like the Crusades or … source

Manuscript dating and more

What are the methods that scholarship uses to come up with dates for ancient manuscripts? How do we figure out something is from the 2nd century and not, say, the 4th century? I try to implore some of my academic background and research and briefly answer that question! – Facebook – facebook.com/wesleylivingstonehuff – Website – […]

Moral argument, supposed Bible contradiction, the rationality of miracles, and more! – Live Q&A

On the afternoon of Monday, May 11th 2020, I went live on Facebook to field some questions. Although the broadcast was relatively brief I managed to cover questions on the moral argument for the existence of God, whether the Gospel of Mark contradicts the Gospel of John, whether belief in miracles is reasonable, and if […]

How early are the New Testament books?

Taken from a Facebook Live Q&A event. Here is my answer to the question I was asked, ” Is it true that the New Testament manuscripts were written before 70 … source