Acts 17 Apologetics is a Christian YouTube channel founded by Dr. David Wood (a former atheist) and Dr. Nabeel Qureshi (a former Muslim). Nabeel went on to join Ravi Zacharias International Ministries and to write the bestsellers “Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus” and “No God but One.” Then he went on to be with the Lord. David continues producing videos, dealing primarily with Christian apologetics (defending the existence of God, the Trinity, and the death, resurrection, and deity of Jesus Christ), Islam (analyzing Muhammad, the Quran, sharia, and jihad), atheism, and philosophy. David works regularly with fellow YouTubers Vocab Malone, Jon McCray (Whaddo You Meme??), the Apostate Prophet (an ex-Muslim atheist), Anthony Rogers, and Michael Jones (InspiringPhilosophy). The Acts17Apologetics channel features Christian testimonies, and responses to popular atheists (e.g. Richard Dawkins) and Muslim apologists (e.g. Zakir Naik, Shabir Ally, Yusuf Estes, Mohammed Hijab, and Ali Dawah).

Disney Reacts to the Gina Carano Backlash

Disney and Lucasfilm canceled Gina Carano (who played Cara Dune in “The Mandalorian”) for an Instagram post in which she claimed that people shouldn’t spread hate over politics (because convincing people to hate their neighbors is the first step in convincing them to kill their neighbors). Following Gina being fired, #CancelDisneyPlus trended on Twitter, and […]

Making Sense of the Ravi Zacharias Scandal

After a team of investigators hired by Ravi Zacharias International Ministries recently announced that they had uncovered significant evidence of sexual misconduct by Ravi Zacharias, many of Ravi’s fans are confused, angry, and devastated by the allegations. But there’s an important lesson to be learned here, one the church can no longer continue to ignore. […]

Why George Orwell Wrote 1984

“Nineteen Eighty-Four” was published in 1949. But five years earlier, George Orwell wrote a letter explaining why he would eventually write 1984. Since Orwell’s thoughts on totalitarianism, mass censorship, mass surveillance, and leader worship are more relevant now than ever, let’s read his letter. For more on Orwell, be sure to watch “Orwell’s Review of […]

Steve Harvey Proclaims: Islam Is a Religion of Peace! (Re: How Steve Harvey Prays)

During a recent visit to the United Arab Emirates, Steve Harvey declared that Islam is a religion of peace. Is he right? David Wood responds. To watch Jon McCray’s response on @Whaddo You Meme?? (“Steve Harvey Invents His Own Religion & Calls it Christianity!”), click here: To watch Steve’s video on @The Official Steve […]

Top Ten Myths Muslims Believe about Islam

The most common claims of Muslim apologists fall apart at the slightest scrutiny. To demonstrate this fact, David Wood discusses the top ten myths Muslims … source

How Big Tech Became Big Brother

Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube all used the same three-step method to monopolize speech and control their users. David Wood … source

The Impact of COVID-19 on Persecuted Christians

The coronavirus pandemic affected different communities in different ways. In this video, David Wood discusses the impact of COVID-19 on persecuted Christians. To read the Open Doors 2021 World Watch List, visit their website: #Coronavirus #Christians #Persecution source

Twitter Sued for Hosting Child Pornography

Twitter has been hosting and profiting from child pornography for more than a decade. The latest lawsuit, brought by the National Association on Sexual Exploitation on behalf of a victim, accuses the platform of “benefiting from a sex trafficking venture in violation of the Trafficking Victims Protection Act”; “violation of duty to report child sexual […]

YouTube Demonetized My Channel after I Promoted Other Platforms

After more than a decade in the YouTube Partners Program, YouTube demonetized my channel. Interestingly, I was demonetized just hours after promoting BitChute, Minds, Rumble, and LBRY. PATREON: SUBSCRIBESTAR: Follow me on other platforms: RUMBLE: BITCHUTE: MINDS: LBRY: #YouTube #Demonetized #DavidWood source

Rumble Sues Google!

Rumble is suing Google for favoring YouTube in search results. Here’s a link to my Rumble channel: #Rumble #Google #YouTube source

Jack Dorsey Announces His BIG PLANS for You!

Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Apple, and Amazon have all been following the same playbook. Interestingly, it’s the same playbook that’s been used by tyrants for thousands of years. For the Project Veritas video cited (“Twitter Insider Secretly Records CEO Jack Dorsey Detailing Agenda For Further Political Censorship”), click here: #JackDorsey #Twitter #ProjectVeritas source

The Violent, Racist Content Twitter Won't Ban

Amazon recently banned Parler, because Parler hosted violent and racist content. What happens when we examine Twitter and search for similar content? Let’s find out. PATREON: RUMBLE: BITCHUTE: MINDS: LBRY: CHANNEL MEMBERSHIPS: PARLER: SUBSCRIBESTAR: STORE: PAYPAL: #Twitter #Parler #Amazon source