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The hard problem of conciousness with Inspiring Philosophy

Live interview with Mike Jones of Inspiring Philosophy discussing the hard problem of consciousness and the Irreducible mind and more. Resources: … source

Race,Culture and Christianity

Join Sean and Adam Coleman from Tru-ID Apologetics as they discuss this very important topic. Be sure to check out Adam’s channel: please consider supporting him at: Believing Thinkers links Website: Patreon classroom Please consider supporting our ministry one time donations: recommended reading: – Critical thinking toolkit […]

RELIGIOUS FAITH how much certainty d0es it really need? with Dr. Liz Jackson

This is an incredibly important discussion on Belief and Credence. This topic is vital to understand as it impacts everything we do in Apologetics! Dr. Jackson is … source

4 rules YOU need to know before you examine evidence for God.

Sean gives 5 tips to help you with examining important beliefs. Some beliefs do not require this sort of investigation perhaps they are self-evident or A priori and simply do not require that sort of investigation. The types of evidence we are looking to examine here are evidence that justify important beliefs aka credences. Although […]

What YOU need to kn0w about Logical positivism (to be a boss)

If true Logical Positivism is a huge problem for Christianity. Sean discusses the problem and teaches you to deal with it Like a BOSS. source

5 tips you need to know before DEBATING with anyone about religion!

Join Erika and Sean as they take you through 5 tips you need to know to win arguments about religion. Believing Thinkers links Website: recommended reading: – Tactics by Greg Koukl Please consider supporting our ministry Patreon- source

"Poof" PineCreek's objections disappear

Join Sean as he responds to PineCreek’s (Doug’s) criticisms about the Apologetic Empires’ Apologetic methods. Original video- Believing Thinkers links Website: Please consider supporting our ministry Recommended Books: – 5 views on apologetics – Rutledge companion to thought experiments – Critical thinking toolkit – Philosophers toolkit (one of the […]

2 things you NEED to know before Battling Skepticism

Sean and Erika give 2 techniques that will help you test the claims of skepticism. Believing Thinkers links Website: recommended reading: – Critical thinking toolkit – Philosophers toolkit (one of the best books in my library) – The art of reasoning (logic textbook)one of my favorites – Philosophical logic Please […]

Apologetics Empire

12 Apologetics YouTube channels join forces for an epic live stream. Here’s everyone’s info. Mike Winger Capturing Christianity Whaddo You Meme?? Believing Thinkers One Minute Apologist Acts 17 Apologetics Inspiring Philosophy Maven Tru-ID Apologetics Cross Examined Vocab Malone What Would You Say? I […]

Understanding the most powerful arguments

In our 4th video on philosophy for Christians, Sean explains how Deductive arguments work and what distinguishes them from other argument types. Once again you want to take your time with this video feel free to watch more than once to get the concept down( We recommend it). Stick around for the end there is […]

How to identifying arguments with grumpy grandpa

In the 3rd video of our series on philosophy for Christians, Sean, and grumpy grandpa teach how to identify an argument’s premises and conclusion when they are not explicitly stated. There is a lot to unpack so be sure to watch the entire video. In fact to be honest you might need to watch it […]

CHRISTIAN Perspective on Iran wEx Pastor/Soldier

Interview by Jon of Whaddo You Meme on Iran, Just war and the Christian’s responsibility. Please consider supporting Whaddo You Meme @ Believing Thinkers Website One time donations: source