Islam Critiqued

Islam Critiqued

I'm a Christian who studies Sunni Islam. I'm committed to critiquing the Islamic worldview and bringing the Gospel to Muslims in doing so. I began posting videos on this channel in January of 2018, and working on building it from the ground up. I have two primary formats: a text only/voice over for more formal and/or technical presentations. Also, I do on screen presentations as well for more casual style videos. 4/22/18 Update: 48 videos and 209 subscribers later, the channel is growing a bit. In addition to engaging with Muslims, the channel has had the welcome byproduct of enabling Christians to defend their own beliefs as well. The channel is still small enough that I can actively engage in the comments. 8/1/18 Update: 520 subscribers and 68 videos since January, still building. Sometimes I spend hours a day responding to comments, could almost be a full time job! "LORD, your hand is lifted high, but they do not see it." -Isaiah 26:11

Relevance Theory and Bad Muslim Biblical Interpretation

This video uses a novel application of relevance theory to explain why bad biblical interpretation persists in the Muslim world. If correct, the thesis of this video … source

No Other Gospel (Online Course w/ Tony Costa)

Dr. Tony Costa will be teaching a new online course entitled ‘No Other Gospel’. This course will deal with Islam, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Mormonism, the New Age … source

Do Muslims and Christians Worship the Same God? LIVE w/ Dr. Andy Bannister!

This interview will focus on Andy’s upcoming book “Do Muslims and Christians Worship the Same God?” (to be released on March 18th) Visit the Solas Centre for Public Christianity here: Check out the landing page for the new book here: See the details to get your own signed copy! IVP books: […]

Why the Challenge Verses of the Quran Are Meaningless

This video invites Muslims to clarify the Quran’s challenge to produce something like it. source

Some Interesting Variants in Ibn Masud's Codex

This video looks at how some Hanafi scholars dealt with variants in the Quran when forming Islamic law. See Blackjack’s blog here: … source

Old Testament War Texts w/ Dr. William J Webb and Dr. Gordon Oeste LIVE!

Join us for this very important discussion with two Old Testament specialists and authors of the book “Bloody, Brutal, and Barbaric?: Wrestling with Troubling War … source

The Gospel of Barnabas: A Beloved Forgery

Does the Gospel of Barnabas provide an authentic account of the life of Jesus Christ as many Muslims claim? This video looks at what specialists have … source

Did Muhammad adopt a son?

Murad and Mel, from Sneaker’s Corner, meet to discuss an interesting (historical?) event in Muhammad’s life. See Sneaker’s Corner here: … source

The Curious Case of Abdullah Ibn Masud

Abdullah Ibn Masud’s recitation of the Quran was praised by Muhammad, and categorically rejected by later Muslim authorities. This raises some interesting … source

The Quran's Torah and Gospel: Phantoms of History?

One frequent explanation I hear regarding the problem of the Quran’s claims about the Torah and Gospel is that the Torah and Gospel the Quran refers to are a … source

Muslim Accusations of Biblical Falsification w/ Dr. Gordon Nickel (Live!)

Dr. Gordon Nickel completed his PhD at the University of Calgary. His thesis was titled: “The Theme of ‘Tampering with the Earlier Scriptures’ in Early … source

Countdown to the Last Days: A Biblical Study of Endtimes (Tony Costa)

Dr. Tony Costa invites you to register for his online course on the Countdown to the Last Days. We will discuss issues such as the Second Coming of Christ, the … source