YouTube Christian Apologetics is GROWING! Meet Parker

Parker Settecase from “Parker’s Pensees” is hands down my new favorite Christian YouTuber. In this video, I invite him on for a chat so you can meet him and … source

Why Larry King Was WRONG about Afterlife

The late Larry King published a video on his Youtube Channel called, ““The King gets candid about the origins of his atheistic beliefs” where he discusses religion and why he doesn’t believe in the afterlife. In this video, I discuss his ideas, and why I think the reasons he gives for rejecting religion and the […]

Are Paulogia's Videos Deceptive? Cameron & Dr. Loke Respond

In this video, Cameron Bertuzzi and Dr. Andrew Loke respond to Paulogia’s defense of the way that he edited various videos from Christian scholars. This video … source

Don't miss CCv1! Also, I'm giving away one of our sold-out tickets.

Awesome news: tickets to CCv1, our very first apologetics conference, are on sale now! There are a limited amount available, so I recommend registering ASAP before they’re all gone. No, seriously, they are going to sell out quickly. The CCv1 ‘Btw, God Exists Conference’ is an interactive apologetics event happening in Houston, TX August 26-28, […]

Muslim Women Are Being Tortured and Raped in Chinese “Re-Education” Camps

Uyghur Muslim women are being tortured, raped, and forcibly sterilized in communist “re-education” camps (aka concentration camps) in China. Meanwhile, American companies are profiting from Uyghur forced labor. David Wood discusses the issue. For the 2021 Open Doors World Watch List: For the BBC article quoted in this video (“‘Their goal is to destroy […]

Burial of Jesus: Supposed Biblical Error #15

A common objection is Jesus was not buried, but instead left to rot on the cross. This video provides evidence the Gospels were correct when they reported … source

Over 100 Arguments for the Existence of God

In this video, Dr. Chad McIntosh presents over 100 arguments for the existence of God. Each argument is presented in visual form followed by recommended … source

"Judge Spends Night in Jail With Man He Sentenced" (Christian Reaction)

A North Carolina judge felt he had to hold a man accountable for lying about a urine test, although there were special circumstances for this probation offender. source

Logical Fallacies and How Christians Fall for Them

A FREE class on logical fallacies: What they are, how to identify them, and how to avoid them. Live in the Philippines via Zoom! Special thanks to the Biblical … source

Let's talk about the Gina Carano Situation…

Former MMA fighter and actress Gina Corano has been on the receiving end of cancel culture recently, for posting her views on twitter. Let’s talk about her … source

Who Saw Risen Jesus? Dr. Andrew Loke Responds to @Paulogia

Atheist YouTube Paulogia recently attempted to refute Dr. Andrew Loke’s arguments for the post-mortem appearances of Jesus by appealing to the work of other Christian scholars. In this video, Dr. Loke responds to Paulogia’s claims. Paulogia’s video: My interview with Dr. Loke on the appearances of Jesus: Dr. Loke’s book (FREE to download): […]

Philistines: Biblical Archaeology

Who were the Philistines? Why would the book of Genesis mention them if they didn’t show up until the bronze age collapse? Maybe the word “Philistine” … source