It Was Finished Upon That Cross (Official Lyric Video) – CityAlight

“It Was Finished Upon That Cross” Words and Music By Jonny Robinson, Rich Thompson, & Nigel Hendroff © 2021 CityAlight Music CCLI: 7171907 How I love … source

Yet Not I but Through Christ in Me (Acoustic Release)

Throughout this strange season, we have greatly missed hearing the voice of the church, singing together on a Sunday. If you’re like us, you look forward to that day when we can join together again with one heart and praise our King in song.   Two years ago, we recorded this very simple arrangement of […]

Your Will be Done (Acoustic)

Dear World, We write to you from the midst of the COVID-19 outbreak. We are at a loss in so many ways, unsure of what to do, unsure of what to say, and unsure of what the future holds. But there is a prayer, however, which can be prayed when our own voices fail us. […]

Jesus, Strong and Kind (feat. Colin Buchanan)

“Jesus, Strong and Kind” recorded at Studios 301 and live at St Paul’s Castle Hill. Words and Music By Jonny Robinson, Rich Thompson, Michael Farren & Colin Buchanan © 2019 CityAlight Music CCLI: 7139992 Jesus said That if I thirst I should come to him No one else can satisfy I should come to him […]

We Will Praise – worship song

An original worship song for the glory of Christ! Be blessed! If you want lyrics and chords just read the rest of this description! WE WILL PRAISE Verse A2 E Bsus THANK YOU LORD FOR THE GOODNESS THAT YOU’VE SHOWN A2 E Bsus THANK YOU LORD FOR YOUR LOVE A2 E Bsus THANK YOU LORD […]