Conflicting Embryology in the Quran and Hadith?

In ancient medical texts, we see various theories about where reproductive fluid is produced and stored. Is it in the brain? Spine? The whole body? And do both …


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Islam Critiqued I'm a Christian who studies Sunni Islam. I'm committed to critiquing the Islamic worldview and bringing the Gospel to Muslims in doing so. I began posting videos on this channel in January of 2018, and working on building it from the ground up. I have two primary formats: a text only/voice over for more formal and/or technical presentations. Also, I do on screen presentations as well for more casual style videos. 4/22/18 Update: 48 videos and 209 subscribers later, the channel is growing a bit. In addition to engaging with Muslims, the channel has had the welcome byproduct of enabling Christians to defend their own beliefs as well. The channel is still small enough that I can actively engage in the comments. 8/1/18 Update: 520 subscribers and 68 videos since January, still building. Sometimes I spend hours a day responding to comments, could almost be a full time job! "LORD, your hand is lifted high, but they do not see it." -Isaiah 26:11

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