Controversies and Biblical Clarity on Baptism

Time Stamp Map
0:00 – Introduction
1. 1:11 About BibleThinker
2. 2:46 What is baptism, what does it do, and what does it declare?
3. 5:23 Is baptism purely a symbol, or is there something spiritual that happens when a person is baptized? Does baptism affect salvation?
4. 6:35 When a person makes a profession of faith, should they be baptized right away, or should there be a waiting period for their leaders to observe their conduct before allowing them to be baptized?
5. 8:02 Is pedo-baptism (infant baptism) biblical? And is it biblical to draw a parallel between circumcision and baptism?
6. 13:51 When studying Scripture, what is the difference between a descriptive text and a prescriptive text?
7. 14:55 Time stamp #5 continued (circumcision vs. baptism)
8. 16:09 What does the New Testament say is the parallel we should draw from the Old Testament practice of circumcision?
9. 18:14 What passages of Scripture do pedo-baptists refer to in support of their belief?
10. 24:22 What is the difference between infant baptism and infant dedication?
11. 26:00 Even though baptism isn’t salvific, is there any harm in baptizing infants just as a blessing? And do some people believe infants can, in fact, have saving faith already? How can we respond to that claim?
12. 30:53 What happens to infants when they die? Are baptized infants more likely to go to Heaven?
13. 32:11 Refuting the most powerful argument commonly used to defend infant baptism
14. 44:59 Should believers now who were baptized as an infant be re-baptized after truly coming to saving faith in Christ?
15. 49:10 Is it correct to baptize “in the name of Jesus,” or “in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit”? And should a person be re-baptized if a different formula was used during their baptism?
16. 53:56 Who can baptize people?
17. 59:00 Closing thoughts

I did this interview 3 years ago on The Remnant Radio program. Here’s a link to their channel.

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