Does Allah Have a Son?

Does Allah have a son? It depends on if you read the Quran or the books that the Quran is claiming to affirm. Divine sonship has a long, deep history in biblical literature, something the Quran is ignorant of and therefore can only try clumsily to refute.


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Islam Critiqued I'm a Christian who studies Sunni Islam. I'm committed to critiquing the Islamic worldview and bringing the Gospel to Muslims in doing so. I began posting videos on this channel in January of 2018, and working on building it from the ground up. I have two primary formats: a text only/voice over for more formal and/or technical presentations. Also, I do on screen presentations as well for more casual style videos. 4/22/18 Update: 48 videos and 209 subscribers later, the channel is growing a bit. In addition to engaging with Muslims, the channel has had the welcome byproduct of enabling Christians to defend their own beliefs as well. The channel is still small enough that I can actively engage in the comments. 8/1/18 Update: 520 subscribers and 68 videos since January, still building. Sometimes I spend hours a day responding to comments, could almost be a full time job! "LORD, your hand is lifted high, but they do not see it." -Isaiah 26:11

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