Draw People to Jesus… Not Your Church.

This is a short clip from a longer video discussing one of the many issues I go over in the MegaChurch model. The longer version of this video can be found here:

There are churches that are huge that are growing in membership every year… Yet we see a decline of people who follow the actual Biblical standard of what defines a follower of Jesus. How can this be? Aren’t there hundreds of thousands of people going to huge churches every week? When we see how the MegaChurch functions, typically we see the appeal to emotions and felt needs over actually knowing the gospel and the Bible. Under this model, there are lots of numbers and numerical growth… but we hardly ever see true repentance or spiritual growth. It’s not that it doesn’t happen in megachurches… it does! God can- and does- use any means to draw people to Him. Praise God for that. But when someone can go to a seeker-sensitive church for years and still not know the core doctrines of Christianity or what the Gospel really is, it might be time to bring this to the table and discuss it.

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