How I do my Bible Study.

I thought I’d make a video on how I ‘bible study’. Yes, I use that word as a verb no matter how much my Grammarly wants to correct it. I hope this helps you guys be more confident when you sit down and try to study. Have a different method that you think might be helpful for others? Share it in the comments!

Keep in mind, this is more for casual and simplified Bible study. I think of the busy Mom (like me!) who had very little time to ‘Bible Study’ because I had so much to juggle, *especially* when my girls were smaller. (Praying for you mamas with littles!!) In a way, this habit was built during the time when my girls were smaller but I still insisted on getting in my Word.

Great Resource from Wesley Huff:

Logos Bible software by Faithlife is probably the best Bible study software I know of:

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Melissa Dougherty I'm a Christian artist who loves apologetics and Jesus! A lot of my videos are aimed at the newer Christian helping them understand tough questions about Christianity in a simple, loving and fun way, while not compromising Scripture. I'm an ex new ager, and have been in a counter cult ministry to Mormons and Jehovah's witnesses, so many of my videos will appeal to my background in it. I just started actually using my YouTube channel in the fall of 2018. So far so good! Thank you to everyone who supports anything I do on here. My channel is a mix of both apologetics and one of my passions: painting. You'll see some art here, some Jesus there... It's who I am.

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