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Is Bethel's SOZO Mentally and Emotionally Damaging? Thoughts From a Mental Health Professional

This video has been a long time coming.
I sat down with my good friend Britt who’s a licensed mental health professional to talk to her about SOZO, a deliverance ministry that’s out of Bethel Church in Redding California. From their website, it says: “SOZO is a prophetic ministry for all-embracing healing and for deliverance from bondage. SOZO helps uncover the roots that are keeping you from living a life of freedom and fullness. In personal encounters with Jesus and through the resurrection power of the Holy Spirit, these roots are identified, removed and replaced by new life. In this way, when you receive a SOZO you can become whole and walk better in the destiny to which God has called you.”

You can read from their own website more about it:

In my research of looking into this deliverance ministry, one aspect of it that I wanted to look into was the mental side… How damaging is it? What can go wrong here? She read Bethel’s SOZO book with me and had *many* concerns from her perspective as not only a Christian but as someone who’s in the mental health field. It’s not my area of expertise, and when we sat and talked about what she thought, she made it sound much smarter than I ever could. I decided to ask her to sit and talk with me about SOZO. I plan on making a follow-up video discussing the theological implications of SOZO. Please pray for Bethel.

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