Is the Sinners Prayer in the Bible?

The sinner’s prayer, also known as the “prayer of salvation” is known by many and has been repeated by possibly millions. But many don’t realize it’s not in the Bible… does that matter? Some repeat it not even knowing what it really means, what the gospel actually is, or it’s some sort of ‘magic formula’ to get them saved. Others have said it and were very genuine in their words and belief. So… what’s up with it? Is it wrong? Is this okay to repeat then? I myself didn’t say any prayer like this and I experienced salvation, while others were actually led to Christ through such a tradition. I give my thoughts on this.

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Melissa Dougherty I'm a Christian artist who loves apologetics and Jesus! A lot of my videos are aimed at the newer Christian helping them understand tough questions about Christianity in a simple, loving and fun way, while not compromising Scripture. I'm an ex new ager, and have been in a counter cult ministry to Mormons and Jehovah's witnesses, so many of my videos will appeal to my background in it. I just started actually using my YouTube channel in the fall of 2018. So far so good! Thank you to everyone who supports anything I do on here. My channel is a mix of both apologetics and one of my passions: painting. You'll see some art here, some Jesus there... It's who I am.

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