Justice for Sister HATUN ! Stabbed

EXTRA INFORMATION: Justice For Sister Hatun, A True Lionness, A Warrior for Christ! On July 25, 2021, Christian speaker Hatun Tash was stabbed while …


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About The Author

Rob Christian Rob Christian is a well known Christian Apologist, Debater & Teacher who has debated many Muslims on the infamous Paltalk panel. For the last 14 years he has debated many Muslims including imams & scholars of Islam. His mission is to expose the teaching of the false prophet Mohammed, Qur’an and Islam, so that Muslims might discover the facts that have been hidden from them by their deceptive imams and sheikhs. Rob Christian wants to show them the Real Truth about this dark cult called “Islam”, so they might find the way to Christianity and accept Lord Jesus Christ Who is The Truth, The Way and Life. After many years and dialogues with Muslims, he can conclude that many poor non-arabic speaking Muslims in the world, have fallen victim to this “Political Ideology” because these translators are nothing but deceivers. Muslims feel free to debate Rob Christian on Paltalk, Discord or Skype!

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