Many False Traditions of Mecca! – Mecca – In Search of a Place – Episode 2

Muslims claim Mecca is the oldest, most famous, most fertile, and successful trading city in history where not only Adam and Eve were supposedly displaced from Eden, but where Abraham is also said to have lived, yet there is no early documentation of its existence and it is only specifically mentioned once in the Qur’an. If a city has claimed such importance, why has it proved so obscure? Watch as Al Fadi and Dr. Jay discuss the details of Islamic claims about Mecca.

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CIRA’s mission and goal is to; create awareness about Islam as a religion and political movement; inform and challenge the Church concerning outreach and evangelism to Muslims, equip the believers with effective outreach tools, and advance the Gospel message among our Muslim neighbors & communities so that the vast majority of Muslims will begin a Gospel conversation with a Christ-follower.

CIRA exists to mobilize the Body of Christ across North America, and globally, to more effectively reach Muslims with the Gospel, by discipling and equipping believers, and by empowering church and community leaders to influence the Muslim world for Christ.


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CIRA International Al Fadi, former Wahabbi Muslim from Saudi Arabia and the founder of CIRA International: The Center for Islamic Research and Awareness. He is the researcher, editor, writer, and translator for numerous ministries, including "Answering Islam" and runs an outreach ministry designed for non-Muslim and Christians.

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