Sicarii Defends Drawing Guns @ Camp! #StopTheViolence

Sicarii #hebrewisraelite sect Defends Drawing Guns @ Camp! Any “Hebrew Israelite” Who Defends These Actions by @Sicarii Phoenix Exposes Their True Heart. And while Christians and “Hebrew Israelites” do not see eye to eye on many issues, we can discuss our differences in love and join together to CONDEMN this behavior. CHRISTIANS MUST REALIZE THESE ACTIONS DO NOT REFLECT ALL “HEBREW ISRAELITES” BUT ONLY @Sicarii AND @Sicarii Public Enemies ALONE (again, unless you are a #Hebrew #Israelite who makes excuses for this @Sicarii WATR craziness, then you show us who you are by who you ally with). #vocabmalone #sicarii
(run time: 19:46)

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