Progressive "Christians" and New Agers Be Like…

What do you get when a Progressive Christian, a New Ager and a Biblical Christian happen to bump into each other at a coffee shop? Why… another very okay-ish satire video of course! Meet Tammi the Progressive, Yolanda the New Ager, and Emma the Christian. I broke budget for this filming!!…. approximately $11! Mediocre satire […]

Does Truth Exist? Have Lies Become 'Truth'?

This is a shorter clip from a longer interview done with John Cooper. In this clip, we talk about how the world has adopted beliefs that are comfortable and cultural… even if they’re not actually *true.* Longer video can be found here: Resources mentioned in the video: John’s YouTube channel: John’s Epic Post: […]

The #1 Reason I Believe the Enneagram is Deceptive

Ah yes… the Enneagram… how have I not made a video about this before? I want to briefly share 3 reasons with you why this popular personality trend isn’t what you think it is. When things like this come up I usually wait and learn as much as I can I thought it first before […]

Journey Out of Progressive Christianity: Talking With Ryan and Josh From Table Theology Ministry

I got the opportunity to interview my friend Josh and his ministry partner Ryan about their ministry and Josh’s journey out of Progressive Christianity. What is it? Why did he find it appealing? What is Table Theology all about? We hope you get a lot out of this interview and be sure to check out […]

What Is Progressive Christianity and Why it Teaches Another Gospel With Alisa Childers

I got the great honor to sit and interview my friend Alisa Childers on her brand new book “Another Gospel: A Lifelong Christian Seeks Truth in Response to Progressive Christianity.” It tells the story of how she struggles with questions she had after a class she took at a Progressive church. It challenged everything she […]