Refuting Shabir Ally's Distortion of Justin Martyr

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Grooming Gangs | Whats happening and why?

2018 Speakers Corner London. 1000s of girls aged 11-16, has been groomed around UK. Hatun and Daniel looked what is the root of it? Are they Asian as … source

Islam says to hug non-muslims? | Speakers Corner

April 2018 Speakers Corner Godwin and Daniel discuss about surah 9. Subscribe to our channel Contact us via Skype: DCCI Ministries or email Follow us on Twitter: Follow us on Facebook: Follow us on blog: If you would like to invite us to speak in your church or university, with […]

A Critique of Shabir Ally's "Markian" Theory- Part 2, Jesus as the Divine Messiah

I will continue to destroy Shabir’s ridiculous notion of the “low Christology” of Mark’s Gospel. I use “Markian” in sarcasm against the term “Marcan”, a legitimate term New Testament scholars use, of which, Shabir is clearly not. Email me at: Support me on Patreon: source