Pioneer of LDS Evangelism is an ex-Mormon! [audio interview]

Sandra Tanner is a #formerMormon and the Pioneer of #LDS Evangelism and so-called #antiMormon apologetics. The Lord used her and her husband to open up the field for evangelicals into primary document research on the LDS church. SANDRA, a descendant of Brigham Young, tells her story, why she left the organization, and how she began […]

LDS Don't Know if God Sinned ??? [audio]

#DidGodEverSin? #LDS theology falsely teaches God was once a man who progressed to godhood. This leaves open the possibility God could have sinned. VOCAB MALONE asks hard-hitting questions about this, such as: “If God once sinned, who forgave his sins?”. Special Guest: Aaron Shafovaloff of #Mormonism Research Ministry (MRM) run time: 36:12 ~ Sub & […]