Legalise Apostasy lecture the Campaign to free millions Part 1

Hi Everyone welcomes back. This is a lecture from Rob his channel is below, please take the time to listen to this all the way through. There is some great information please take note and take action. Please consider becoming a member Rob’s channel (Link not working will be updated ASAP)… Email me @ […]

Rhett & Link: Their Evolving Approach to Jesus

Last year Rhett & Link made their deconstruction and deconversion from Christianity public on their podcast, Ear Biscuits. I made a reaction video in response (linked below). In December, they discussed their current positions, how they relate to Christmas, and (I think) by extension, how they relate to life in general. Rhett & Link raise […]

Lost Video found My Wife Nina's baptism into the Kingdom

Hi Everyone welcome back. Hi everyone I wanted to share this with you. We found this video on an old SD card, this is the day Nina was baptised it’s great to see. And to think how big a step this was for her. PLEASE SUBSCRIBE TO THE BACKUP CHANNEL Email me @ […]

Muslim Corrects Me on the Death Penalty for Apostasy!

Yesterday, I challenged our Muslim friends to tell us exactly what they mean when they claim that the Quran has been perfectly preserved, and to provide evidence for their claim. One of the Muslims who’s been responding has presented a rare instance of an argument I’ve never heard before, claiming not only that the Quran […]

Exodus from Islam: December Testimonies of Ex-Muslims

Let’s start the new year off right by reading some comments from ex-Muslims! These are testimonies from December 2020. PATREON: RUMBLE: BITCHUTE: MINDS: LBRY: CHANNEL MEMBERSHIPS: PARLER: SUBSCRIBESTAR: STORE: PAYPAL: #ExMuslims #Apostates source

Why Yasir Qadhi HATES Ex-Muslims

In a recent video, Sheikh Yasir Qadhi mocked and insulted ex-Muslims, claiming that they are miserable and have pathetic lives. But Dr. Qadhi made an interesting analogy. He compared ex-Muslims to people who have ended a relationship. David Wood discusses Qadhi’s analogy, which proves much, much than he intended. PATREON: RUMBLE: BITCHUTE: […]

Ali Dawah Wants MILLIONS of Ex-Muslims MURDERED (to Save Islam from Atheism)

Muslim YouTuber Ali Dawah openly promotes capital punishment for apostates in Muslim countries, and Muhammad ordered his followers to execute people for leaving Islam. However, statistics show that there are millions of ex-Muslims (especially “closet atheists”) living in Muslim countries. This means that Ali Dawah and Muhammad are calling for the public beheading of millions […]

Ex-Muslim Extravaganza! Yasir Qadhi Edition!

In his recent video “Library Chats #10: Responding to Jay Smith & David Wood on the ‘Holes In the Narrative’ Controversy,” Sheikh Yasir Qadhi claimed that Christian missionaries have never been successful in reaching Muslims with the Gospel or in convincing Muslims to leave Islam. David Wood shares a number of comments from ex-Muslims who […]

Golden Age of Apostasy Begins! (October Testimonies from Ex-Muslims!)

Here are some testimonies from ex-Muslims who left comments in October! PATREON: CHANNEL MEMBERSHIPS: PARLER: SUBSCRIBESTAR: STORE: PAYPAL: #ExMuslim #LeavingIslam #Apostasy source

Praying for the dead in Islam vs Christianity

Hi Everyone welcome back. I wanted to explore the subject of praying for the dead. Why it is that in Islam someone can pray for a family member who has died. Why is that in Christianity there is no such thing? what is the difference between the two? Please consider becoming a member Email me […]

Why l left Islam

Sara shares her journey from Islam to LORD Jesus. Subscribe to our channel Contact us via Skype: DCCI Ministries or email Follow us on Twitter: Follow us on Facebook: Follow us on our blog: If you would like to invite us to speak in your church or university, with training […]

Which Is Worse, Eating a Book or Killing a Human Being? (A Reply to Mohammed Hijab and Ali Dawah)

David Wood and the Apostate Prophet continue exposing the hypocrisy of Mohammed Hijab and Ali Dawah. Hijab and Dawah have no problem promoting violence (threatening rape and torture against women, and even calling for the execution of apostates), but they complain and throw tantrums when someone rips their book (or eats it). Subscribe to the […]