Wahhabism – The Elephant in the Room – MBS – The Great Islamic Reformer – Episode 2

The location of the great NEOM Project lies in the center of Islamic tradition. The most devoted and radical Muslims called Wahhabis live in this region. What effect will this have on the massive progressive project? The Suadi Prince has stepped out on a ledge that will challenge the thought and loyalty of his own […]

Muslims Preserved Mt. Sinai & Midian – Mt. Sinai in Arabia – Episode 4

Not only has the site of the real Mount Sinai been contested and lost throughout time and history, but Midian, an important geographical site in the story of Moses, has also varied. Watch as Joel and Al Fadi discuss how Midian’s true location has ironically been kept by Muslims while being lost by Jews and […]

The Amazing MBS Vision and Miracle – MBS – The Great Islamic Reformer – Episode 1

Mohammad bin Salman is the Saudi Crown Prince who is in line for the Crown and has ambitious plans for Saudi Arabia over the next decade. In a recent TV interview, he broke down his plans – the most impressive being the NEOM Project. But there is a problem with his plans shared during the […]

Muslims are DESPERATE to Prove Muhammad’s Existence! -The Search for Muhammad – Episode 11

The Doctrina of Iacobi proves to be a desperate reach from Muslims to prove Muhammad’s existence. With Christian references and the script written in the wrong language, there is little this document does to recommend itself to even belong to Islam – let alone to prove Muhammad’s authenticity. Watch Al Fadi and Dr. Jay discuss […]

Mecca is a Dreamland!? -The Search for Muhammad – Episode 8

Muhammad’s experiences seem to copycat Biblical characters’ in order to prop him up as a credible prophet while Mecca, according to Muslim tradition is recognized as the oldest city in history and a giant in trade, falters by having no historical mention or proof of existence until the 8th century. Not only is it’s existence […]

There is no Muhammad? -The Search for Muhammad – Episode 5

Muhammad is credited with declaring that no images should be put on currency, yet 7th-century coins reveal a different history having nothing to do with Muhammad or Islam. Again, we have information based on tradition rather than fact. Watch as Al Fadi and Dr. Jay break down the real truth behind the imagery of coins […]

How can we trust the Qur’an? -The Search for Muhammad – Episode 2

To take a thorough look at Muhammad, we must take a look at the Qur’an. Did you know there are at least 30 different Qur’ans in existence? Several different versions of the text span over centuries, none of which boast of an eyewitness account of Muhammad. There are five major stages of the Qur’an’s creation. […]

Did Muhammad Even Exist? -The Search for Muhammad – Episode 1

Throughout this series, we will explore: … the origins of Muhammad …what modern and traditional Muslim teachings and beliefs say about Muhammad’s life writings, and travels … where, when, and how traditional beliefs and teachings about Muhammad came into existence, and… …how new historical insights reveal not everything is as it would seem. And so […]

There is NOT one Qur’an – Qira'at Conundrum – Episode 16

Muslims are forced to say the Qur’an is perfectly preserved – but based on all of the evidence, the Qur’an is not perfectly preserved. Muslim scholars are also making claims that they cannot support and prove true. In the end, with all of the evidence, there has never been just one Qur’an – and certainly […]


Pastor Jamal Bishara drops by the studio to tell the truth about Christians from the #MiddleEast. Plus: Islamic communities in the US and training Christians to witness to Muslims. Special Guest: Pastor Jamal Bishara of First #Arabic Baptist #Church source

Hafs Qur’an is Unreliable & Untrustworthy – Qira'at Conundrum – Episode 14

The Hafs transmission of the Qur’an is the worst version of the Qur’an to pick as the “one” Qur’an. He wasn’t trustworthy. He came from the wrong city and had the wrong dialect. He should have been the last person amongst the 30 to have been chosen! IDr. Jay and Al Fadi share the details […]

Suspicious! Over 30 different Qur’ans formed in the 8th century? – Qira'at Conundrum – Episode 9

A lot of claims were made in the 7th century Qur’ans – but NONE of those Qur’ans exist any longer. At least 30 different Qur’ans were formed during the 8th, 9th and 10th centuries! The whole narrative gets very suspicious. Dr. Jay and Al Fadi share all the details in this video. Watch the videos […]