Creation Vs Evolution | Aron Ra Vs Dr McLeroy

Links to speakers: Aron Ra: Dr McLeroy (link coming) ______________________________________________________________________________________ Link to tomorrow’s (Monday, January 20th, 2020) live-streamed debate on Creation/Evolution with Kent Hovind and Professor Dave: ______________________________________________________________________________________ Address for Artistic Encounter, our generous hosts for this debate: 3417 Main St Dallas, TX 75226 and their Facebook page: and their number: (469) […]

Aron Ra LOSES HIS MIND over simple question! (w/Eric Hernandez)

Aron Ra recently participated in a debate with Michael from Inspiring Philosophy, and in the debate Michael pressed Aron Ra on his faulty definition of the word “faith” as used in the Bible, Christianity, and defined clearly in Christian Apologetics. My friend Eric Hernandez asked Aron Ra a question about his alleged research on the […]