Aron Ra vs Eric Hernandez on the Existence of the Soul: Debate Review

Does the Soul Exist? Most Christians think so, but atheist materialists like Aron Ra don’t. In this debate, Christian apologist Eric Hernandez engages with Ra on this important question. It allows us to explore many fun and interesting topics. Original Video: Learn Casually: Learn Formally: Patreon: Music by Joakim Karud […]

Aron Ra Still Doesn't Get Pistis (Faith)

Aron Ra uploaded a very dishonest video where he covered my debate with him, thus forcing me to respond and point out the lies. After having met him in person and finding out he was a friendly and nice guy I was shocked and disappointed by how dishonest he was in his video: My […]

Aron Ra LOSES HIS MIND over simple question! (w/Eric Hernandez)

Aron Ra recently participated in a debate with Michael from Inspiring Philosophy, and in the debate Michael pressed Aron Ra on his faulty definition of the word “faith” as used in the Bible, Christianity, and defined clearly in Christian Apologetics. My friend Eric Hernandez asked Aron Ra a question about his alleged research on the […]