Let's Talk About the Definition of Atheism For a Moment (Dr. Chris Gadsden)

In this live interview, I talk with Dr. Chris Gadsden about the definition of atheism. Dr. Gadsden is passionate about helping people learn to think and believe better, because in his own journey he’s labored through plenty of bad thinking and shoddy believing. “An Atheist, an Agnostic, and A Theist Walk Into A Bar”: https://groundbelief.com/religion/atheist-agnostic-theist-walk-into-bar/?fbclid=IwAR1B1njv17ox6p7ytmD2VKM2lQ5BRq-4ifqHfYR4tadhRGOevdXKu6PNDgE […]

Atheism, can it be defined?

Is Atheism a belief system, personal-psychological state, or a combination of logically incoherent positions? Join us for a discussion as we examine the problem. SEP article:https://plato.stanford.edu/entries/atheism-agnosticism/ Believing Thinkers links Our online classroom:http://bit.ly/2I9J7Af one time donations: http://bit.ly/30zeCtI Website: www.believingthinkers.com source