WATCH Sicarii Celebrate Passover Like It's FreakNik {SHOCKING!!!}

The 1West Hebrew Israelite Sect #Sicarii makes a mockery of the “#Passover” in a Night #Club. See live video of their “Hotlanta Passover” right here! PLUS found out their response to those who have called them out for this (including many of their fellow “Hebrew Israelites”). A refutation by Faithful to God of Guerrilla Hebrew […]

Christian, Hebrew Israelite Meet @ ATL Airport?! [Vocab & Divine Prospect]

Divine Prospect and #VocabMalone had a brief discussion on the doctrine of the #HolySpirit (pnuematology) in ATL @ the Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson airport. This 15 minute session is an example of a respectful, insightful, and laid-back meeting between a #HebrewIsraelite and a Christian. Subscribe & click 🛎 for notifications of premieres and live streams! Help keep […]