Sicarii Scissorhands Cuts Out Peter, Paul, Mark, James! [w RECEIPTS]

Sicarii Sunday Review No. 2 [livestream] Christians should have a burning desire to present the gospel of Jesus Christ to those who need to hear it in every way we can, everywhere we can. We should want to equip ourselves so we can model, explain, defend, share, and live out the gospel message in a […]

Sa Neter TV Host Questions Vocab Malone About Christianity

Featuring #SaNeter TV Host #NapahShadah. #Napah is a Hebrew Israelite woman who has some questions for Vocab Malone about the Christian faith. Subscribe & click 🛎 for notifications of premieres and live streams! Help keep putting this content out by giving support @ SUPER CHAT on LIVE STREAMS!$StreetApologist ***Street Apologist*** LIVE w […]

Apologetics, Social Issues, & Cultural Challenges [audio]

DA Horton Interview on #Apologetics, #Social Issues, & #Cultural Challenges (audio) (Run Time: 15 minutes 29 seconds) ~ Sub & Hit 🔔 for Notifications: ~ Sub to our backup channel ASAP: Support this content: ~ ~$StreetApologist ~ ~ ~ ~ SHIRTS: ~ BOOK: “Barack Obama vs The […]

The Intolerance of "Tolerance" | D.A. Carson Book Discussion [audio]

Christian apologist VOCAB MALONE and a few brothers discuss D.A. Carson’s important book, “The #Intolerance of #Tolerance”. We consider select events and analyze the redefining of “tolerance” and ask: — Tolerance is a key phrase of our time … what does it really mean? — How does the redefinition of tolerance impact the church? — […]

The Question Urban Cults *Claim* to Answer … (But Don't)

WHO ARE YOU? The New Alternative Spiritualities populating the #urban landscape claim to answer the question of #identity. Every urban #NRM fails to deliver on this promise. Adam Coleman and Vocab Malone talk about it, as they unveil three new chapters from a forthcoming writing project. Yes, this is an installment in the monthly Street […]

Jesus ALONE is Savior, Sacrifice, Mediator: SOLO CHRISTO [livestream]

Jesus ALONE is Savior, Sacrifice, Mediator: SOLO CHRISTO [livestream]. This month’s Street Apologist #BookClub is an excerpt presentation from part of Vocab’s current writing project. This section is from a chapter tentatively titled #SOLOCHRISTO #CHRISTALONE”. NOTE: Most livestreams run an hour and a half. Subscribe & click 🛎 for notifications of premieres and live streams! […]

OPEN THEISM: 3 Books You Need!

Classical Christian theism has always understood that Scripture teaches that God knows everything about the future … but *what if* God could only “guess” about tomorrow? Should you trust a God who can’t know the future? This is what #opentheists propose. Open theism denies that God fully knows the future. A number of #BruceWare’s books […]

Coronavirus and Christ [John Piper Book Review]

Our book club selection for July 2020 is #Coronavirus and #Christ by #JohnPiper. Download the book free here – Join the livestream here: source

The Reasons Why Jesus Died on the Cross LIVESTREAM

The April 2020 book club study for Street Apologist! “50 Reasons Why Jesus Came to Die” by John Piper of Desiring God Ministries is the book. You can get it FREE OF CHARGE at this link: Read the WHOLE book and we’ll talk about it tonight! source

Is Allah the God of the Bible? A Jewish Christian Asks

Jeff Kran, a Jewish Christian, explores the question of “Is #Allah the #God” of the #Bible?” *NOTE: the audio and video quality is not up to our usual standards, the information contained in this talk is important for you to have, plus, people tell us they love the throwbacks from our archives! Subscribe & click […]

Favorite Books with Erika and Sean

Join Erika and Sean as they discuss their favorite Theological books (after the Bible) as well as others in their Library. Book Titles are listed in the comments replay Believing thinkers Our online classroom, Patreon: website: source