What Dr. Douglas Moo Thinks About Romans in The Passion Translation

Open description for time stamps. Welcome to my Passion Project! Where real scholars test the wild claims of Brian Simmons about his new Bible, The Passion Translation, so that YOU can know what’s really going on with this suddenly popular new Bible version. Today’s video features Dr. Douglas Moo and his thoughts after reviewing the […]

A Scholar Reviews The Passion Translation: Song of Songs

Dr. Tremper Longman tells you what’s up with The Passion Translation. My name is Mike Winger and this is my “Passion Project”. A project where I’ve hired a number of scholars to do reviews of different books Brian Simmons’ seriously flawed Bible version. Scroll down for the links you are looking for! 0:00 The glorious […]

THIS is why you need to CHUCK The Passion Translation

This was my favorite interview so far on The Passion Translation. I’m really hoping that those who are open to hearing the evidence will consider ditching Brian Simmons’ Passion Translation. The evidence is mounting up more and more that this is not a good or faithful Bible translation. As scholars weigh in on this work […]

Before You Use The Passion Translation Watch THIS

This video is all you need to know about The Passion Translation of the Bible. I summarize many hours of research in this one interview and I hope this becomes a resource for pastors, churches and anyone who has run into The Passion Translation and wants to know more about it or its chief architect, […]

The Passion Translation: Encountering God?… Or Deception?

There’s SO much more to say about this topic. The Passion Translation is an independent, one-man ‘translation’ of the Bible. It’s ‘translated’ by Brian Simmons, a respected figure in the hyper-charismatic community. We talk a lot about him and his claimed credentials for translating the Passion Translation. This isn’t a ‘translation’ so much as it […]