Thank-you bukhari for leading people of of Islam

After spending time in prayer I opened up a book of hadith. I thought it would be great to share the hadiths of the day with you. I hope you write them down and … source

Newsweek Uses Coronavirus to Promote Islam

Newsweek Magazine recently published an article by Islamophile Dr. Craig Considine titled, “Can the power of prayer alone stop a pandemic like the Coronavirus? Even the Prophet Muhammad thought otherwise.” Dr. Considine claims that Muhammad “had sound advice to prevent and combat a development like COVID-19.” Is Newsweek correct? Did Muhammad promote quarantine, strict hygiene […]

Did Muhammad Invent Quarantine? (Debunking Another "Scientific Miracle")

Many Muslims are using the spread of coronavirus (Covid-19) as an opportunity to claim that Muhammad invented the concept of quarantine. They quote Sahih al-Bukhari 5728, where their prophet said, “If you hear of an outbreak of plague in a land, do not enter it; but if the plague breaks out in a place while […]

Coronavirus: A Safer Path to Islamic Martyrdom

According to Muhammad, Muslims who die from the plague (or from drowning, or from a building falling on them) are martyrs. It seems that the same would follow for coronavirus (covid-19). Hence, before an Islamic terrorist decides to die while slaughtering unbelievers in the name of Allah, perhaps he should consider contracting coronavirus as a […]

Did Muhammed create Islam and do we have any Proof for that ?! [LIVE SHOW] هل خلق محمد الإسلام

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Muhammad: Superman of Sex! (But He's Got Nothing on King Solomon!)

Muhammad’s followers used to boast that their prophet had the sexual strength of 30 men, because he would have sex with nine women and girls in a single evening (see Sahih al-Bukhari #268). But according to Muhammad, King Solomon would have sex with 90 women in a single night (Sahih Muslim #4289)! Who is the […]