How can we trust the Qur’an? -The Search for Muhammad – Episode 2

To take a thorough look at Muhammad, we must take a look at the Qur’an. Did you know there are at least 30 different Qur’ans in existence? Several different versions of the text span over centuries, none of which boast of an eyewitness account of Muhammad. There are five major stages of the Qur’an’s creation. […]

Can You Trust Islam's Holy Book? (The Qur'an)

Can You Trust #Islam’s Holy Book? (The #Quran) – An apologetic talk by Christian apologist Vocab Malone. #Koran NOTE: THIS ISSUE WILL BE DISCUSSED AT the upcoming Doctrine for the Block Urban Apologetics Conference in Phoenix, Arizona on Feb. 7-9, 2020* – register here: and please mark you are attending at the event’s Facebook […]