Why I'm Not Celebrating Anderson Cooper's Announcement of Becoming a Dad

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Charlamagne & Arian Foster WRONG about Christian History & atheism (reaction the breakfast club)

Charlamagne the god and Arian Foster (bobby feeno) talk atheism, christianity, religion and history on the breakfast club power1051. The only problem is, Charlamagne and Arian Foster don’t know what they’re talking about. Ending video: Daniel from Moses Lake WA Twitter @DanFromML Videos on the definition of atheism: https://youtu.be/jIuqtFT2_D4 https://youtu.be/QTLzG1I9Qws https://youtu.be/fZtk5mDPpVo https://youtu.be/GC89MrduK1c https://youtu.be/4yTPRFvm0Ek https://youtu.be/jieFHDilAws Join […]