UAU Late Night Freestyle [Christian hip hop audio]

What happens when 5 Chicanos and 1 Sicilian are hanging out late night in the studio? Back in 2005, we turned on the mic and found out – and this is the result! Featuring Cre One, Bboy Drew, MC Prafasi, Graffer Enuff, Cardoe, & #VocabMalone of the Urban Artists United (UAU). Beat Produced by Dark […]

"Mashiachians" x Vocab Malone x Raven x Braille x Fros'T

“Mashiachins” featured Vocab Malone and fellow #CHH artists Raven, #Fros’T, and #Braille (on the hook). Smooth Rapture produced, recorded, mixed, mastered the track. The song was recorded around July 26, 2006 for Lo’c Records and was to be featured on Smooth Rapture’s 2007 album. NOTE: This is one of the strangest songs I ever recorded […]

Christian Rap Addresses ESHON BURGUNDY Hebrew Israelism in "LOST IN THE WEEDS"

Artist: OBLITERATOR x Vocab Malone (audio snippet) Song: “Lost In The Weeds” (Addressing Eshon Burgundy) (3:47) Written By Obliterator Produced by Tay Spikes Released through Cloud Accent #eshonburgundy​ #chh​ #hebrewisraelism For more extensive responses to this tragedy, check these out: Subscribe & click 🛎 for notifications of premieres and live streams! Help […]

"Man's Wisdom" x Vocab Malone x Transcend (Christian hip hop audio)

“Man’s Wisdom” x Vocab Malone x Transcend / Alon Auguste. Produced by illtripp One of LabKlik. (Christian hip hop audio) ~ Sub & Hit 🔔 for Notifications: ~ Sub to our backup channel ASAP: Support this content: ~ ~$StreetApologist ~ ~ ~ ~ SHIRTS: ~ BOOK: “Barack […]

"Worship Music" x Vocab Malone x Verbal Essence (Christian hip hop audio)

“Worship Music” Song [Original Version] x Vocab Malone x Verbal Essence (#Christianhiphop audio) This version was recorded for the debut album of a #CHH artist named #VerbalEssence. ~ Sub & Hit 🔔 for Notifications: ~ Sub to our backup channel ASAP: Support this content: ~ ~$StreetApologist ~ ~ ~ […]

"You and Me" x Vocab Malone x emceeQuest x Sacred [Christian hip hop audio]

“You and Me” is a hidden bonus track on my friend Quest’s first #Christian #hiphop album. Prior to that, Quest had been a secular #rapper. He pressed limited copies since it was his first shot; plus it was a hidden track. So … pretty much only a few aficionados have heard this song until now. […]

"THE CALL" (live) Vocab Malone x Werdz (Christian hip hop audio)

THE CALL was recorded live by Vocab Malone and WERDZ (Andrew Ortiz) at the Victory Outreach Winter Camp in Glorietta, New Mexico. #VocabMalone #Christian #hiphop ~ Sub & Hit 🔔 for Notifications: ~ Sub to THE STREET APOLOGIST channel: Support this content: ~ ~ ~$StreetApologist ~ ~ ~ […]

John Reuben / Vocab 1st LIVE RECORDED Performance (rare)

This is Vocab Malone’s first recorded video performance, albeit in a hype man role. This was with #JohnReuben (Gotee Records) and the Showcase MCs (Transcend, #VocabMalone, Format) of Columbus, Ohio. SHOWCASE performed live at CRU/VENTION ’97 in Atlanta, GA for the unsigned competition, (which Mars ill won, if memory serves correct). The two songs are […]

Audio Journal EP – Vocab Malone (CHH Demo)

A classic AZ #Christianhiphop upload: 2002 AUDIO JOURNAL EP. Enjoy! Record Label: Indie (Independent Release) Track Info: 1. Fist featuring Nathan Smart & 4th Command (produced by Nathan Smart / cuts by DJ Fidel Castro 2. Hey, How Ya’ Doin’? produced by #JohnReuben / cuts by DJ Fidel Castro / BGV’s by Armando Kollabo 3. […]

Christian Rappers Taught by a Hebrew Israelite??? (9:11)

This video is a warning. This video was compiled to expose the heresies of hip hop artist Zaydok Ben Israel. Zaydok is a “Hebrew Israelite” and a member of the #CHH cohort, HogMob. These clips show that some things Zaydok teaches are in error. A knowledgeable Christian hearing these false doctrines will surely have serious […]

Vocab Malone live hip hop show THROWBACK

This #Christianhiphop performance was recorded by an audience member @ the 2012 Arizona Rage Fest @ Castles-N-Coasters. This live show features #VocabMalone, Armando Kollabo, & DJ Ruthless Ramsey. The original production was provided by DJ Cre One and Tommyboy. A CLASSIC #AZHIPHOP THROWBACK FEATURING EXTREMELY RARE AND LITTLE SEEN FOOTAGE! (Run Time: 19:36) ~ Sub […]

Vocab Malone CHRISTMAS hip hop show #throwback LIVE AUDIO

MERRY CHRISTMAS! Recently, I finally had time to search the archives. I couldn’t believe I found LIVE audio of a Christmas hip hop outreach we performed for a Phoenix inner city ministry back in 2002! We perform tracks off THE NOTEPAD NOMAD album. BONUS: You’ll enjoy hearing these fun freestyles, as we made sure the […]