#demonetized #Josephcolden #Act17 (YOUTUBE) demonetized ME WITH IT'S AI ALGORITHMS

Hey Everyone I made a video about the 5000 strong Islamic March through Lancaster. Youtube has demonetized all of my content and now, has thrown out thought friendly content while I’m in the naughty book algorithms. MAD WORLD Please Support the work, even if it’s a small amount. Thank you Any Spare change http://www.paypal.me/josephcoldentube Support […]

#Islam #Muhammad #DavidWood How to Mark The Quran to Talk with Muslims

Hey Everyone So this video was requested by a few people in the comments. Use the information in the link and video. To mark up the Quran, so when you are talking with Muslims you can go straight to the verse’s and have a good conversation. Link to the Google Doc https://docs.google.com/document/d/1dVVEmABtz5ZPUeg4ShnUwN3yDkI9VpV5o2EhuEvMKzI/edit?usp=sharing Alt-link https://docs.google.com/document/d/1p8ae1BmAEc3ytxTov64b12ozH142Pt7TQub9MeUbQpY/edit# Any […]

An Interview with Jeff Morgan: From Judaism to new age to Jesus

Here’s the fascinating testimony story of Jeff Morgan, who grew up in a Jewish household, and then wandered into new age, until Jesus pursued him and his family. Now, Jeff and his wife and children are all Christians. On top of that, they’re also vegans which is rare in the Christian world (Doreen is also […]

Tara's Testimony: Out of NAR and into Jesus!

Tara left the new age to follow Jesus, and unbeknownst to her, the church she began attending had new age elements. The New Apostolic Reformation (NAR) churches have psychic readings (they call them prophecy), a focus upon self instead of Jesus, and other troubling issues. **The painting of the face behind me is a popular […]

An Interview With Will Baron: Escaping from Demons masquerading as Channeled Spirits

Will Baron entered the new age for innocent reasons: to find healing. Then he found himself getting deeper involved, and soon he felt trapped in an insane world of the false Jesus and ascended masters. He was under the spell of a channeler and soon was going underground infiltrating Christian churches. In this fascinating interview, […]

How I became a Christian Testimony (Sean's Story)

This is Sean’s testimony video sharing his story about how he became a Christian. believingthinkers.com source