Understanding the most powerful arguments

In our 4th video on philosophy for Christians, Sean explains how Deductive arguments work and what distinguishes them from other argument types. Once again you want to take your time with this video feel free to watch more than once to get the concept down( We recommend it). Stick around for the end there is […]

How to identifying arguments with grumpy grandpa

In the 3rd video of our series on philosophy for Christians, Sean, and grumpy grandpa teach how to identify an argument’s premises and conclusion when they are not explicitly stated. There is a lot to unpack so be sure to watch the entire video. In fact to be honest you might need to watch it […]

Non Sequitur, Logical Fallacy Series [video 1]

What is Non-Sequitur? This is the first video of our new LOGICAL FALLACY SERIES Playlist. Enjoy! source

What is a Genetic Fallacy? Don't make this mistake in Religious Debates

What is a genetic fallacy and why does it matter? Find out all about genetic fallacies, ad hominem, and appeal to authority fallacies so you can debate logically with critical thinking skills. Back to the Future™, Back to the Future™ Part II and Back to the Future™ Part III are registered trademarks and copyrights of […]