Why Islam Can't Handle Criticism: LIVE with Tony Costa (8:00pm ET)

David Wood and Tony Costa will be LIVE at 8:00pm (Eastern Time), discussing Islam’s inability to handle criticism. For more info on Tony’s course: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gg2gvo0EnFQ #DavidWood #TonyCosta source

Proving the cut and paste Quran with Thaddeus from Reasoned Answers

We will have Thaddeus from Reasoned Answers to follow our previous discussion about the source criticism of the Quran. Thaddeus Billman is a Christian YouTuber who is involved in outreach to Muslims. His channel, Reasoned Answers, features a combination of Christian apologetics and polemics against Islam. Thaddeus has been studying apologetics for more than two […]

Criticism of Islam & The Emerging Beast

The Islamic World is being shaken up as many people are leaving it. But according to the Bible, Islamic nations are going to go into retaliation mode. Nations like Turkey, Iran, Libya and more, are preparing for that. I’m a believer and follower of Jesus Christ, an ex Muslim. I talk about the Lord Jesus, […]

Meeting the Quran's Challenge: Joseph and the Cutting of the Hands

In this video we see how Jewish tradition developed the story of Joseph, and how the authors/editors of the Quran cannot tell the difference between midrash and Torah. source

A Brief History of the Quran

In this video we take a critical look at common assumptions made about the Quran. source

Quran vs. Tradition: Oral Preservation

In this video we examine the fact that the Quran speaks of itself as a written book, and places priority on writing as the strongest form of evidence. Muslims who argue for oral transmission over written transmission therefore contradict the Quran. We also examine some early traditions attesting to the forgetfulness of the early Muslims, […]

Answering Muslims: Longer Ending of Mark?

In this video we examine the longer ending of Mark and its relationship to claims by Muslims of massive Biblical corruption. source

Was the Quran Perfectly Preserved Through Oral Tradition?

In this video we briefly review evidence against a miraculous textual preservation of the Quran before moving on to a discussion of why miraculous oral preservation is not an option either. Modern Muslims must now find another way to handle preservation of their own scriptures, as well as interact with Biblical text criticism more responsibly […]

Biblical Insights 11: Jude, Enoch and Jesus as Lord

In this video, we: Underscore the importance of being sensitive to the literary strategy of Jude, examine the setting of Jude (and his audience) in light of “early catholic” presuppositions, examine the common belief that Jude has little regard for the Old Testament, examine 1 Peter 3:18-22, noting its connection to Jude 14-15, emphasize why […]