How Can We Have Free Will if God Knows the Future?

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Dan Barker vs Braxton Hunter (Is Free Will an Illusion?)

This debate was first released by Unbelievable Christian Radio in the fall of 2020. Dan Barker is the Co-President of the “Freedom From Religion Foundation.” He has debated the best and the brightest among Christian thinkers in the 21st century. The debate centered on whether libertarian free will exists, and how it affects the question […]

If God is Sovereign, What Difference Do Our Choices Make?

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How to Ignore Reality: with Sean Carroll & Joe Rogan

Theoretical physicist, Sean Carroll gives his thoughts on free will, moral responsibility, design, meaning, and death. In all cases his advice seems to be, ignore what is really really really obvious, and affirm naturalism. Carroll Video 1: Carroll Rogan: Learn Casually: Learn Formally: Patreon: Music by Sokolovsky Music source

Justin Brierley vs Stephen Woodford (Rationality Rules) Debate Review

Justin Brierley is the long-time host of the well known “Unbelievable” worldview radio show and podcast. Stephen Woodford is a successful atheist YouTuber. In this debate, they dicuss free will, morality, culpability, and other issues. Original video: Alex O’Connor and Stephen Woodford: SHORT Free will Argument Vid: Learn Casually: Learn Formally: […]

Michael Egnor: The Evidence against Materialism

In this bonus interview footage from Science Uprising, neurosurgeon Michael Egnor discusses the evidence against materialism and explains how materialism undercuts rather than supports genuine science. Be sure to visit to find more videos and explore related articles and books. Michael Egnor, MD (from Columbia University), neurosurgeon and professor of neurological surgery at Stony […]

Michael Egnor Shows You're Not A Meat Robot (Science Uprising EP2)

Are we simply robots made out of meat? Or is there an inescapable “I” who makes real choices that can change our lives? This episode of Science Uprising … source

Molinism & Freewill: Can I Do Other?

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A Discussion on Molinism and Free Will

I had the opportunity to discussing the topic of Molinism and libertarian freewill on Striving for Eternity with Andrew Rappaport and Eli Ayala. Though we disagree on these issues, they remain my friends and brothers in Christ, and I appreciated the invited. To learn more about Andrew Rappaport and Striving for Eternity (the host and […]