Life before, during and after Islam Live stream with Bob soco films

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Let Us Reason Special Edition An Interview with an Ex Muslim Follower of Christ

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Joseph Colden Heart 2 Heart

Hi Everyone welcome back I am still Ill and still trying to work, but I wanted to share some thoughts with everyone. I think the solution moving forward is to rent an office. It would solve a-lot of issues, It would be a big step in faith. Your thoughts are welcome Paypal donations Support […]

#Apostasy #Islam Legalise Apostasy !!! Help Millions of Muslims leave Islam

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How to Make an Ex-Muslim in 15 Minutes (David Wood)

Muslims who leave Islam usually take months or years to abandon their faith in Muhammad and the Quran. Occasionally, however, a Muslim will leave Islam almost instantly, perhaps in 15 minutes or less. How do some Muslims become ex-Muslims so quickly? Why is leaving Islam so easy for some? David Wood (Acts 17 Apologetics) explains. […]

Apostate Prophet talks being an Ex-Muslim, leaving Islam, atheism, & Christianity

In this discussion, Whaddo You Meme?? sits down with the Apostate Prophet; a fellow YouTuber who is an ex muslim. In this interview the Apostate Prophet talks about the process of him leaving islam, and also his current views as an atheist. We also talk about his views on Christianity and theism and the main […]