Feminist’s Book on Cancel Culture Gets Canceled by Muhammad (Julie Birchill vs. Ash Sarkar)

Julie Birchill, a self-described “militant feminist,” has had her book on cancel culture canceled after she posted some tweets responding to Muslim journalist Ash Sarkar. Birchill’s book, “Welcome to the Woke Trials,” was due to be published by Little, Brown in April. However, after she called Muhammad a “pedophile” on Twitter, she was blasted with […]

Douglas Murray Blasts SJW Hypocrisy

In a recent interview on the John Anderson program “Conversations,” British author and journalist Douglas Murray discussed the hypocrisy of social justice warriors. Why are SJWs, feminists, various activists, etc., quick to target Christian businesses (such as Chick-fil-A), but slow to condemn atrocities in other cultures? Murray suggests that they’re simply cowards. Full interview (“Conversations: […]