Do Any of THESE Hebrew Israelites Know Hebrew?

Does anyone at all in the #GMS “Hebrew Israelite” Camp Know #Hebrew? They Say They Do! In this brief exploration of Tahar’s understanding of the Hebrew Language, we see that Tahar of GMS Doesn’t Know Hebrew. You’ll also better understand Vocab Malone’s argument against #LashawanQadash, the ahistorical and concocted system of Hebrew the 1West Hebrew […]

You Won't Believe How GMS "Israelites" Treat Women -SICKENING!

Vocab Malone at Doctrine for the Block 2020 speaking on Biblical #Manhood and #Womanhood versus #HebrewIsraelite Distortions. (Cred for Vocab’s Portrait: C. Bertuzzi of@Capturing Christianity) NOTE: WE DO NOT APPROVE OF THE WAY THIS WOMAN WAS TREATED AT ALL AND HEARTILY CONDEMN THE ACTIONS AND WORDS TOWARDS HER! Subscribe & click 🛎 for notifications of […]