Ahmad Deedat Refuted: Does the Bible Call Itself the Bible?

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Christians on Hajj: Visions of the Savior

This video is adapted from: DREAMS AND VISIONS: Is Jesus Awakening the Muslim World? Music for this video came from here: https://youtu.be/Wk2LWZ9PHPY. source

Do not Critique Islam! | Speakers Corner | Hyde Park

22 December 2019 Speakers Corner London A Muslim in non-Muslim clothes is not happy for Hatun to critique and criticise Islam. To support the work of DCCI Ministries https://paypal.me/dcciministries2019?locale.x=en_GB If you would like to invite us to speak in your church or university, with training and debating help kindly email info@dcciministries.com Kindly email info@dcciministries.com to […]

Quran vs. Tradition: The Quran's Geography

In several significant cases, Muslims simply choose to place tradition over the Quran- putatively their supreme textual authority. In this video we examine one such case. Support me on Patreon here: https://www.patreon.com/islamcritiqued source