Apologetics Empire v GMS NY Hebrew Israelites [STREET FIGHTER Promo]

COMING SOON! #ApologeticsEmpire v #GMS NY #HebrewIsraelites [STREET FIGHTER Promo]. This EPIC Multi-Part Series begins the day after this teaser airs! GMS NY, Street Fighter EDITION! RUN TIME: 1 minute ~ Sub & Hit 🔔 for Notifications: https://www.youtube.com/vocabmalone ~ Sub to our backup channel ASAP: https://www.youtube.com/StreetApologist Support this content: ~ https://www.patreon.com/vocab ~ https://cash.me/$StreetApologist ~ https://www.paypal.me/vocabmalone/25 […]

The Problem with 1 West “Hebrew Israelites” [Cyber City Virtual Apologetics Conference]

Everywhere you look, #1West Hebrew Israelism is growing. But how do the beliefs of 1West “#HebrewIsraelites” mesh — or clash — with the gospel of Jesus Christ? Vocab Malone is a Christian apologist and researcher of 1West “#HebrewIsraelite” history, doctrine, and practice. He will share the main problems with their main ideas and what you […]