To the Hebrew Israelites: Is Your Message Apostolic? (1:09)

Paul’s testimony before Agrippa – Paul’s Defense Before Agrippa CLIP. Join Vocab Malone as he speaks to the #IUIC #Dallas #HebrewIsraelites CLIP CRAFTED BY LIZA J. FULL VIDEO HERE: (run time 19:22 min). ~ Sub & Hit 🔔 for Notifications: ~ Sub to our backup channel ASAP: Support this content: ~ […]

Christian Rap Addresses ESHON BURGUNDY Hebrew Israelism in "LOST IN THE WEEDS"

Artist: OBLITERATOR x Vocab Malone (audio snippet) Song: “Lost In The Weeds” (Addressing Eshon Burgundy) (3:47) Written By Obliterator Produced by Tay Spikes Released through Cloud Accent #eshonburgundy​ #chh​ #hebrewisraelism For more extensive responses to this tragedy, check these out: Subscribe & click 🛎 for notifications of premieres and live streams! Help […]

What You Need to Know to Engage Hebrew Israelites (Lecture in Chicago)

This workshop lecture titled “Engaging #HebrewIsraelites” was presented by Vocab Malone in Chicago on July 21, 2018. You will learn the history of this movement, their basic beliefs, and see video clips of several #Chicago based groups. #whatyouneedtoknow (RUN TIME: 42:34) ~ Sub & Hit 🔔 for Notifications: ~ Sub to THE STREET APOLOGIST […]

Christian Rappers Taught by a Hebrew Israelite??? (9:11)

This video is a warning. This video was compiled to expose the heresies of hip hop artist Zaydok Ben Israel. Zaydok is a “Hebrew Israelite” and a member of the #CHH cohort, HogMob. These clips show that some things Zaydok teaches are in error. A knowledgeable Christian hearing these false doctrines will surely have serious […]

Ex-ICGJC Hebrew Israelite Testimonies & Charity (1:52)

A Point by Vocab Malone about Fairness & Honesty in Hearing #Testimonies of #ExMembers (#ICGJC). Check out the entire video here: Clip crafted by Andrea Cruz RUN TIME: 1:52 ~ Sub & Hit 🔔 for Notifications: ~ Sub to THE STREET APOLOGIST channel: Support this content: ~ ~ ~$StreetApologist […]

Some Sad Experiences with Hebrew Israelites (2:28)

✨ 2Corinthians 5-16, #Jesus gave us the Ministry of Reconciliation! #VocabMalone answers: Why work in Urban Apologetics and with those in the #HebrewIsraelite movement? Stay tuned for those answers and more … full video 20 minute here ⬅️ clip crafted by Liza J. ~ Sub & Hit 🔔 for Notifications: Support this content: […]

Do Any of THESE Hebrew Israelites Know Hebrew?

Does anyone at all in the #GMS “Hebrew Israelite” Camp Know #Hebrew? They Say They Do! In this brief exploration of Tahar’s understanding of the Hebrew Language, we see that Tahar of GMS Doesn’t Know Hebrew. You’ll also better understand Vocab Malone’s argument against #LashawanQadash, the ahistorical and concocted system of Hebrew the 1West Hebrew […]

The Black Hebrew Israelite EPIC 400 Year Prophecy Fail! (Vocab Malone)

In 1619, the first slave ship carrying enslaved Africans arrived in America. Since God tells Abraham in Genesis 15:13 that his descendants would experience a 400-year captivity, and since the Black Hebrew Israelites believe that this is a prophecy about their own group, some BHI leaders predicted the end of their captivity in 2019. But […]

Apologetics in the Urban Community | Interview w Vocab Malone

Vocab Malone w Michael Williams of Judah Nation. Vocab talks on the task of dealing with #apologetics in the #urban community. “Staying in your Lane” is a Weekly Gospel-Centered Conversation regarding today’s most difficult subjects, including today’s focus, the #blackHebrewIsraelites. Michael Williams, the host, will be speaking at the pre-conference event for Doctrine for the […]